Our Mission

  • Develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality and innovative products for our clients through the efficient use of our resources and in collaboration with our business partners
  • Create a fulfilling workplace for our employees built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation of their diversity
  • Value the role we play in our communities, as a socially and environmentally committed organization
  • Generate economic value through superior growth and profitability

Continuous focus on these principles will lead us toward Our Vision.

Our Vision

We create value for clients through innovative and satisfying high-quality products and services.

Our Values

Living the Mazal Values requires courage, vision, trust, commitment, and pragmatism. The following values will guide our actions in realizing our mission:

Integrity without Compromise

We conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and respect for those with whom we have relationships.

Achieve Excellence

We pursue quality in everything we do. We strive for continuous improvement in the way we operate. Unremitting attention is given to details at every stage and resources are used in the most efficient way.

Dedicated to the Client

We will meet and exceed the differing needs and expectations of our clients, offering them high quality, state-of-the-art and innovative products and services.


We are committed to achieving ambitious business goals while securing our company’s profitability thus ensuring our independent growth.

Care for our People

We are committed to creating a global workplace where teamwork, involvement, open communication, flexibility and fun exist. We treat our people fairly; we value different styles, skills, experiences and backgrounds and acknowledge that these differences result in greater creativity and better insights. We encourage them to take initiative and expect them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment. We offer our people training opportunities and ongoing development so that each individual can reach his or her full potential.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We will conduct our business as responsible members of society, respecting the laws of the countries in which we operate, contributing to the progress of the local communities in line with the legitimate role of the business. We will operate safely, responsibly, and with sound environmental practices, aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment and working toward long-term sustainability.