FEDERAL-MOGUL DEVA is a technology leader in the market for self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings and is the leading sliding bearings manufacturer for the key markets in Asia and Europe.

Federal Mogul DEVA manufactures a wide range of self-lubricating bearing materials where the dry lubricant is uniformly dispersed within the material.

The deva.bm self-lubricating material consists of a bimetal structure, that means, a stainless steel support with a sintered bronze sliding layer, containing small particles of solid lubricant, which can be graphite or PTFE, homogeneously distributed in the bronze structure.

The deva.glide is a self-lubricating bearing material that consists of a high-quality bearing bronze with pockets filled with solid lubricant and a thin film of solid lubricant over the bearing surface to aid the running-in process. The bearings are maintenance-free without the need for lubrication with oil or grease are recommended for large bearings.

The deva.tex is a high performance self-lubricating sliding material with a glass fiber reinforced carrying layer. The machinable sliding layer consists of fibers which are embedded in epoxy resin. The resin carries PTFE as lubricant for excellent tribological performance. The bearings are available up to 1.000 mm and are characterized by a very high corrosion and wear resistance. They are insensitive to contamination as well as to vibrations and shock loads. In addition to standard dimension, special geometries can be machined.